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Westboro Baptist Jihad

I feel sorry for the people who don't believe in god

(Myself included) while we slowly crawl towards the void

With our regrets and wasted opportunities

One day it's over then you're just another memory

I feel sorry for the people who believe in god

Governed by faith, outdated teachings and a lack of thought

With the promise of virgins or pearly gates in the sky

Hating people who believe a slightly different lie

Fight the wars and bomb the buildings

Pass the hate onto your children

I don't know if everything I've read is true

I'm sure the media has it's own agenda too

I don't know the whole story, but I'll let you know what I think

I think extremists are keeping our planet out of sync

I don't know a single atheist that doesn't judge

Christians in general, it's not helped by the Westboro Baptist Church

They get too much air time, which makes us think they're all nuts

But it's just an inbred family with hatred in their guts

Hold that "God hates fags" sign higher

So that you'll escape the fire

My name is Fred Phelps, I lived comfortably in the closet

My sexuality scared me so I've became a hypocritical prophet

I picketed soldier's funerals, and fucked my daughter every night

Because I believed my evil deeds will send me back towards the light

I don't understand the power that religion has

People go through their lives believing that it's all a test

By an omnipresent being, our humanised creator

That we created in our image just to feel part of the power

I don't understand the people who cannot accept

That we all need different things to help keep sane in our own heads

My outlook is lonely, so I focus on being a nice guy

Please stop reminding me that I won't have hope when I go to die

Maybe our consciences kick in at the end

Mixed with DMT to give us heaven, hell and fallen friends

My name is Hamza al-Ghamdi, and I used to be alive

You might know me from that time I sent a plane into a skydive

My motivation was simple, I wasn't getting any at home

So I killed a bunch of infidels for 72 virgins of my own

My names are everyone who has ever hurt others for God

The individuals who have suffered at my hands have been long forgotten

But hey, I got one of the world's most famous fictional characters based on me

Call me Iblis, Shaitan, Leviathan, Satan or Mephistopheles

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