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Fractals From The Forest Floor

When the scientists and the mathematicians

And the slightly more progressive politicians

Look​ at the world through an objective lens

It creates morality outside of sin and repentance

Which is great; to separate religion and state

Cuz a government that preaches isn't all that great

But there's things modern science just cannot explain

Like how consciousness arises in a physical brain

There's plenty of theories and speculation

Some based on brain scans and some; intuition

We sort of understand memory, and the chemistry of emotion

But we're still completely stumped about the source of creation

We know that we think, and it's easy to reduce

Certain thoughts to electrical impulses, which we can reproduce

But we know absolutely nothing about what experiences our lives

The thing that thinks our thoughts and lives behind our eyes

The proudest of atheists will tell you it's random evolution

That it's neurons firing electrons that creates the illusion

Of a self aware mind, the soul is but a delusion

Complex biology trying to make sense out of confusion

I understand this view, as I held it myself

Science explains most other things pretty damn well

But my own reality, my subjective experience

And the way our minds sort chaos into crystal coherence

Makes me wonder, makes me ponder, it excites my brain

And no longer does the thunder inside have to cause pain

Because the deeper I get and the more that I let myself forget that I have a name

The more connected I feel to the cosmic wheel and the bigger role I play


Fractals from the forest floor

The formulae of infinity

Everything repeats within itself,

Patterns bringing clarity to reality

We can see them easily

When we make an effort to look closely

At leaves, trees, clouds or blood capillaries

The world is alive with sacred geometry

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