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Here's where we keep our custodial staff. The ones who take it upon themselves to scrub away at the plaque on our collective soul of all the people we share this planet with.

The definition of a SoulScrubber is someone who consciously creates what they create with the intention of

- making the world a better/brighter/more wonderful place

- helping/teaching/enlightening others

- sharing things that helped us

Each of us creates individually and collaboratively through a variety of mediums, including (but not limited to)



-visual art



-magic (shhhhh)

Megan Craggs

Songwriter, singer, poet musician, artist

Musician, producer, flow artist, lyricist, songwriter 

Nick Louden

Artist, musician, flow artist, freestyler

Nadia Simoleit

Artist, musician, singer, flow artist

Rachel Cairns

Yogi, artist, poet, rapper, musician

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