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Fat Cats

Where did all the money go?

It seems like it all just disappeared

The jobs are slowly dwindling in numbers

And it’s been getting worse for years

You cat fats, in your fancy homes

You’re lining your pockets with our hard earned cash

Buying things like massive planet destroying cars

And country estates that you reduce to ash

Why is your luxury more important than our planet’s health?

Why can’t your legacy be compassion instead of power and wealth?

Cuz soon enough we’re gonna be stuck in

A self-inflicted dystopian wasteland

We’ll lose our humanity

Violent animals trying to feed our families

I wanna leave my mark where I lay

I wanna travel but I got things to say

I wanna change the world and make a difference

Create a better world for when I leave

Things right now, they’re too fucked up

But I know that we can still change

I don’t think that we can fix the planet

But we can work together and focus our aims

Our attitudes and opinions on life

Have been the downfall of civilisation

I believe in free speech and open minded thinking

But everybody’s hypnotised by the TV stations

NASA says in 15 years

There will be total global collapse

We need to break our oil addiction

Terra Firma won’t allow a relapse

But you fat cats are the only ones

Who can fix the damage you have done

Cuz everybody down here listens to yer shite

And we’re too scared to spark revolution

We’ve got 2 options; we can carry on

And watch it all fall down

Or we can sacrifice our lazy comforts

And sing loud and proud

"We are leaving our children a world

Where happiness is what we strive for

Resources are free and everybody pitches in

There’s no need for revolution

Love will be our legacy

And we are all fucking happy. "

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