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All Paths Lead Home

All paths lead home

None of this really matters

It sounds depressing, but it doesn't have to be

If we remember we're just playing characters

Because there's so much to learn from everything we encounter

Every situation's an opportunity to grow

We can choose to detach and learn how powerful we are

We can suffer, if that's what we choose to know

We can choose to understand compassion and unconditional love

We can choose submission to leaders and follow

Because it turns out the truth lies

At the bottom of ALL rabbit holes

If I dig deep enough, get to the core of any concept

I internalise a bigger slice of wisdom

That works across the board for more general ideas

Shining bright clear light into the next whole system (up)

I want to grow in the direction of tomorrow

By understanding yesterday

I want to move towards my opposite

By studying the other way

Now is the time to discover what I can do

And realise my potential for today

There's so many directions I can choose

The only thing holding me back is me

A fictional character; a projection of belief

So make me, shape me, create me like psychosis

Create me, make me, shape me like I'm clay

Shape me, create me, make me just like you

And help me live a different life each new day

We're moving towards clearful illumination

Let's enlight and then decide what comes next

Without the drama, it's all information

I Love You Love We Love Us

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