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Time Travel Express

My first birthday present was a one way ticket on the time travel express

It runs fairly smoothly (most of the time) when it stops each night to rest

But I've noticed lately that my body seems to be feeling heavier in the chest

And not in the good way that it feels as my nipples turn to breasts

The sensation seems to be more like that force that pulls you back into your seat

As your plane begins it's journey from the runway up to 35000 feet

Are we speeding up? Is it acceleration or do I just feel incomplete?

Is it both? Are they linked? Should I seize control or just take a back seat

And hope that it slows down for the good times?

It feels like the clocks are going faster

It seems like time's running out of control

Our lives are shorter than our ancestors'

I don't know how long we've got to figure it out

I just hope that I don't get left behind

I realise that time's an illusion

But that doesn't change the fact

That my mind is tethered to seconds

Always looking forward and thinking back

The world is going crazy cuz we never look around

Yearning for the past and future instead of noticing what's here now

It's all right in front of us this very moment, everything we truly need

All that's required is our awareness to find the answers that we seek

Let's stop reminiscing about the way it used to be

The past lies behind us now as the future moves out of reach

When we realise the destination only exists within our imagination

Then we might actually understand what it means to be free

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