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It's only when I'm tripping that I see

That there's no difference

Between the I that calls itself You and Me

Usually I'm in the story

Of feeling love

For other people

As expressions of who they see themselves to be

I want a shared identity

So I can treat you like I treat me

But I'm too afraid to ask

And manipulation is such a task

I want the ecstasy of unity

Without being on LSD

But how does one live passionately

When there's noone else out there but me?

I want you

Even though you're me

But opposites attract

Through polarity

If I continue to seek balance

Will I ever find more romance?

If I'm actually God like the books say

Will I ever find a partner that's not made of me?

Can One thing come together without a sense of duality?

Is separateness inherent to the story or merely illusory?

Is Love just a cosmic wank?

Can i borrow from a universal Lovebank?

Does my Love for You hold me back from spiritual transcendence?

Or does it teach me how to Love the world regardless of conditions?

Will I die alone surrounded by friends and fans?

Will I ever get to be again a woman or a man?

Will I find the Tao and realize I create my own suffering?

Or will kundalini add some razzle dazzle into my awakening?

Will I ever once achieve the life my senses desire?

Or am I here to release the things I want into the inner fire?

I Love you

As both You and Me

I'd like to see you naked

As I enjoy to be

But for now we'll make some music

And create all else we can as We

I hope one day I stop yearning for things I see as separate from me

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