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Before It's Too Late

I feel more alive than I have in a while

Cuz I have accepted the fact we are all gonna die

But I still feel the need to do all that I can

Cuz nobody seems to care what's going on

The world is falling apart and we are too apathetic to make a change

All we care care about is our next paycheck

I look around and remember I love my life

Cuz I am one of the luckiest people alive

But I make sure to never take it for granted

And I'm gonna do my part to help the planet

The world is falling apart and we are too brainwashed to see the truth

We care but we ignore the future

How do you know that things will get better soon?

How would you cope on landscape barren as the moon?

We need to open our eyes to these ridiculous lies

That everything will be ok

And we have to try to save future lives

From suffering every day

But the world doesn't cry when poor folk die

And I'm just one guy and I'm always fucking high

We need to empathise and we need to look inside

So that we can find the strength and love we need to organise

Let me die with my generation

Especially if I die young

My views right now are relevant for 2016

But in the next 10 years this battle will be won

We used to be the no-hope children

Before we understood the world

But now as we begin to open our eyes

We're gonna redefine what it means to be alive

A symptom can be the cause of something else

And that symptom is the gap between classes

The struggle causes more of us to be creative

To bring hope back to the downtrodden masses

But we're not there yet

So many people still choose to listen to the TV set

(The government's very own broadcast service)

But they are not the people, and they don't give a shit about us

It's time to make art the news

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